Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Peek Inside Our Home At Christmas

I'm relatively new to the Blog World and I realize that I have never shared a peek inside our Home at Christmas with anyone other than Relatives and close Friends before now.  I'd never viewed our Home or the contents with a Photographer's eye before entering the Land Of Blog.   Sure, we had always taken Holiday photographs centered around Family, Friends and activities to capture those cherished moments in time... but I'd never really focused on those inanimate objects that I also collected over time and cherish in a different way than the Relationships in my life.   And really this is kind of exciting and special to be able to reveal those aspects in a meaningful way for the enjoyment of those who would like a glimpse into the lives of others and who have similar passions and Joy in feathering their Nests and seeking out Found Treasures.

Some of my most beloved Found Treasures would be my Religious and Spiritual Art and Artifacts.  I've spent virtually a lifetime seeking them out or receiving them as gifts... starting with the Infant Of Prague Statue that my Grandma Piazza gave me at the age of 5.  He comes with a story of a Miracle that forever changed and saved my life... when I fell deep into a coma and my Family were told there was no Hope. I spent a year Hospitalized and when all medical treatments had failed... our Friends, Family and entire towns we had lived in during my five short years of life decided to take a mass day of Prayer for me and go to their Churches, Temples, Synagogues or Cathedrals and ask God to spare and miraculously heal me.   Grandma Piazza did a Novena and walked many miles on her knees as a sacrifice Praying without ceasing... she was an old Woman at the time so this had to be a painful journey... and she presented the little Prince Of Peace as she called Him, to my Parents, on my behalf... and said that after all had Prayed for me on this communal day of Prayer together... there would be a sign... the head of the Infant would sever and come off... and it would be the Miracle we all had Hoped for and I would make a complete and miraculous recovery that no Doctor could explain.   Now, you might think this was simply the Hope and ramblings of an old Woman of Faith and the stuff of stories and legends... except that it came true my Friends, exactly as it was prophesized by her.  The head of the Statue came off at the end of that day of Prayer... right in front of my Mother's eyes and she received a call from the Hospital that I had awoke! The physical internal deformities that had caused me to lapse into a deep coma and begin to die (my Mom had been given Thalidomide for morning sickness during her pregnancy with me), and had been well documented at Johns Hopkins Hospital... well, subsequent X-Rays showed them to be completely gone... vanished... and in their place were perfectly formed organs... the Doctors were baffled, they did not understand nor comprehend how this could be!?!!  But those of you who know we serve a Mighty God, THE Greatest Physician, YOU know... and my Testimony is just one of many... and why we celebrate this Holy Season with great Joy, Hope and thanksgiving.  I've enjoyed over half a Century of health and life since that personal Miracle was performed... and developed a close Relationship with the Lord.  Honoring Him at this time of year and celebrating His Birth, whether with simplicity or extravangance is always a Joy I look forward to with eager anticipation, like a child, because I've been given the Gift of many more Christmases than was expected... along with the Gifts of numerous special relationships with those I love.  A wonderful Husband, three Children, Nine Grandchildren, a Great-Grandson and many dear Friends and extended Family.  And my Prayer and Hope this Holy Season is that many more dear Souls come to know Him in a personal way and establish one of the greatest Relationships they will ever have... because it is all He has ever wanted as His Gift from Mankind... and He is worthy and deserving of so much more than this simple request of us... Dawn... The Bohemian

With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God. - Mark 10:27


  1. Miracles happen everyday and all the time. How wonderful, Dawn that you received this miracle and that you are sharing your story as a testament so that others might believe in the power of prayer and of our Lord Jesus Christ. You own some beautiful statues. I own the Madonna with the Christ child only mine is in white. God bless.


  2. Dawn, what a miracle. I love your statues and rosaries. I have a little place on the wall with some and have collected rosaries for a while. judy


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