Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Guilty Indulgence

Okay, so how many of you will admit to a guilty indulgence?  You know, that one thing that you find so hard to resist that you will occassionally succumb?  It's not that I don't try because I'll often spend months fighting off the temptation to purchase an item that I adore... or save madly for months in hopes to procure it before someone else snaps it up.  And therein lies my delimma, because I definitely have Champagne tastes and Caviar dreams as Robin Leach would say. *Smiles*  I can bypass a myriad of Lovelies with little or no temptation at all except perhaps to photograph them and share the images.  BUT, there will eventually be those particular items, you know the ones, that take your breath away and make your Heart skip a beat... an item you really would love to own and not just admire from time to time when you visit the Shop it's for sale in!   For me I tend to fixate on the creations of favorite Artists that specialize in OOAK pieces of wearable Art, because that's MY "THING"... it's what I do as an Artist and what I ultimately am most attracted to that other Artists create.  I'd almost rather a piece be in the stratosphere of a price range so that I know I'll just have to lust after it and face the reality that the chances are slim to none that I'll ever own one... than for it to be expensive... but, within reach, if I pursue it long enough with tenacity and sacrificially purchase it one day. *le sigh*  Those are the items that I often wrestle with because it is in fact a guilty indulgence to purchase such things isn't it?  Not that I have any regrets once I do mind you *wink* because they have been a wise investment over time... and sometimes when the Artist becomes well known or famous, then the prices do go into the stratosphere and at least I got mine while I could afford it and there was still some left! *LOL*  After all, I like what I like, and I'd rather have a few really coveted good pieces of the very best I can afford, than settle for many ehhhh or okay pieces that were a bargain or inexpensive.  Because I have a tendency to hold onto the pieces I adore, wear them often, and never tire of them over time.  They become the "go to" pieces in my wardrobe and accessory collections.  They are the future heirlooms that my Daughters and Grand-Daughters will inherit and likely pass along to future generations because we all tend to have similar Bohemian tastes and a Gypsy Spirit and blood in our lineage.   So... my latest guilty indulgence... yes... another Becky Edwards cuff... which perfectly matches the only other one I have of her creations... and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them both!!! *swoon*  This one comes with a Story... I love things that come with a Story, don't you?  You see, I've been lusting after this piece for over three months... ever since Carol at Cottage Garden 2 acquired it from Becky and let me preview it before she ever put it out for Sale in the Shop.   I love ALL of Becky's pieces, she is an amazingly talented Artist, but she doesn't make a lot of pieces each year... yet, when she does, they are magnificent and worth the wait.   I can relate to not being the most prolific of Artists... because that is my M.O. too... guess we could be labeled the temperamental type of Artists?! *wink*  Sometimes we're on and sometimes we're off... and inspiration and desire to create isn't 24-7 so you never know when you'll be in the Zone creatively or not.  And even when you are... if your life is like mi vida loca, well, fitting in your Art can be somewhat of a challenge too... regardless of creative energy and inspiration striking!   So, you get the picture... when one of Becky's pieces is available, you never really know when the next time you may get an opportunity for such a piece... and they are one of a kind, so if you love it, you should probably not wait too long.  But with it nearing the Holiday Season and budget constraints I had delayed this cuff for a long time... and during that long wait it sold!!!!!!!! *GASP*  Carol said a customer was looking for a gift for someone else and bought this piece... my piece!!!  She knew I would be disappointed when I came in again and she'd have to tell me someone else bought MY CUFF... and then... days later... the woman brought it back!!!  She returned the piece and exchanged it for something else her Friend would like better!!! *shaking head in disbelief!*  Surely this was a sign, karma, this cuff was absolutely MEANT for ME and couldn't go Home with someone else!!!  So, I decided to move upon the opportunity however prematurely the purchase was... rather than hold off until 2011 to try to get this piece and risk anymore close calls... so whaddya think...
G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S isn't it???!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dawn ...The Bohemian

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