Friday, December 10, 2010

An Architectural Salvage Christmas

I often have outlandish imaginings in my head... wanna go for a stroll through one of them?  Now you might feel as though you fell down the Rabbit Hole with Alice, but I Hope it will be a magical enough experience that you throw off all inhibitions and go with it and consider the possibilities!?  I've been imagining an Architectural Salvage Christmas.  Imagine if you will that we had a blank space to totally decorate for Christmas in a particular theme from scratch.  We'll go on a Shopping trip of epic proportions sparing no expense and without limitations on how wild and outlandish our ideas manifest.  I'm envisioning an array of elaborate Antique Columns aged to perfection and as many Architectural Salvage Windows as we can find that either have Stained Glass or look as though they may have come from a beautiful old Gothic style Church.  I want huge old Iron Crosses and Crucifixes... and an array of fabulous aged Religious Statuaries and Spiritual themed Garden Art draped with beautiful Vintage Rosaries.  Loads of Chippy White Corbels and Finials, stacks of Victorian Gingerbread Architectural Salvage, and Victorian Ceiling Tin.  Lets get armloads of Stars made of old Tape Measures to hang from the ceiling and worn Tea Stained colored Dress Maker Forms dressed as Angels... draped with gossamer Fabrics and ethereal accessories.  Lets find Salvage items in shades of White, Gold, Sepia and Icy Blue to make our vignettes where it can feel like a Snowy Frosty Winter's day here deep in the Arizona Desert even though the thermometer is registering 80. *Remember, we're using our imaginations peeps! Smiles*  We've got as many Antique Chandeliers with lead glass Crystals and Beading as we can possibly hang or prop around a place without spontaneous combustion from all the lights! *LOL*  I want piles of elegantly faded Antique Tapestries and Fabrics draped around depicting scenes of Joy and Merriment.  And for seating we'll have overstuffed Fainting Couches, plump French Armchairs and Vintage Metal Hotel Chairs scattered about... and pillows... lots of squishy Down filled pillows in French Feedsack materials as well as sumptuous Brocades.  I want lots of scented candles... preferably in Votivo's 'Forgotten Sage' scent... and Vintage candlesticks and Candelabras... as well as some of Artist, Laura Van's, delightful creations of Candlesticks, Crosses and Frames.  We'll find some Carriage Lantern style Lighting as well, because, well, it just evokes Christmas to me... a Charles Dickens type era of Christmas. We'll have an ornate array of Vintage Gold or White Gesso Frames of all sizes and shapes propped everywhere, framing our vignettes or just as portals of our imaginings.  And our Tree will be huge... and I think White... like the Dillards Tree I fell in love with this year... chock full of some of the most lovely Vintage, Antique or interesting Ornaments we can locate.  Of coarse by now I've completely emptied out the contents of some of my favorite Shops like 'Rust And Roses', 'Melrose Vintage', 'Sirens And Saints'... so the Shop Gals will have to refill their rafters with more fabulousness... but I know they will... they always do... giving me even more inspiration for future outlandish imaginings in my head... and more trips down the Rabbit Hole together my Friends... see you there!  Christmas Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian

 If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn't be, and what it wouldn't be, it would. You see? - Alice from Alice In Wonderland 

Please join Cindy and Friends over at "My Romantic Home" for Show And Tell Friday!


  1. That crucifix and the statue with the heart rosary really cool! I love the old religious things. Judy

  2. Lovely loot! The slipper under glass are gorgeous!

  3. OMG!! Everyone of those pictures and items are to die for!

    Have a great weekend....

    Take care,


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