Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Victorian Crazy Quilts

Details have always captivated me, along with richness of fabrics and use of color and prints with reckless abandon, and the repurposing of lovely fabrics... so the Victorian Crazy Quilt encompasses all that which I'm drawn to and speaks to my Soul and sensibilities.    The variety and piecing together of lucious fabrics, the array of creative stitches and artwork lovingly hand-made is interesting and gives the eye a kalaidescope of beauty to take in.  Even photographing a detailed piece gives so many options of what to capture and so it was with great delight that I had acquired this lovely Victorian Crazy Quilt.  Only a few delicate Silk patchwork pieces didn't quite survive the test of time and frayed, but it still gives it an aged, lovingly worn feel that I appreciate and adore.  Some things just become aged to perfection and don't require restoration and I'm content to leave them "As Is".  I've found that many "As Is" items have significant mark downs so if you love the piece and the imperfections and wear aren't an issue for you then it can give you a rare opportunity to own an Heirloom quality  collectible at a deep discount.  My quirk is that I PREFER the imperfect, worn and flawed over the perfect, new and pristine.  I enjoy the character of a piece that has had use and brings with it a story.  Pieces that have survived, been cherished and not discarded in spite of mishaps, a hard life of much use, or feeble amateur attempts at repairs.  Time worn pieces that to me only get better with time, developing that patina and character which only years can create.   And which to some... make it even more special and priceless in our eyes... Dawn... The Bohemian

Originality is nothing but judicious imitation. - Voltaire


  1. That is a charming crazy quilt. I love the embroidered designs in the various patches. But, don't tell everyone we prefer worn, tattered and treasured or they will up the price. lol Thanks for sharing your treasure. Connie

  2. I am always intrigued by crazy quilts....all the colors and fabrics and stitchings! I wonder who made it and what was their inspiration!

    Hope you are having a great week Dawn!


  3. Hi Dawn, Thank you so much for visiting me on my blog and leaving a comment! LOVE it girl!! I love your post on the quilt! I'm a quilt collector and have many American & French quilts. Some day I will post about them!! Thank you again...ohh and I'm becoming a follower!!!!!!! xokathee

  4. Hi Dawn, I just love your crazy quilt it's so gorgeous. such beautiful colors!!! I too always love the things that are vintage, instead of buying the new! I wanted to thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comments, I always love reading them! hugs~~ Daphne

  5. Yes I like that quilt and it is so gypsy isn`t it? In France we have 'boutis'a special way of broiding and in the Provence we have also colorod quilts with special colours and design provencal. Hope you can understand my english.

    Bye, bye Janny

  6. Hi Dawn,

    I love crazy quilts! And I cracked up about your comment about us insomniacs and you being too many years on 2nd shift. I work 2nd as I have for 10 years, hence, why I am up at this silly hour! Oh well, to sleep now, per chance to dream.

    Take care,

    P.S. I'm having a giveaway. Come on down...

  7. Victorian crazy quilts have always been my personal favorite kind of quilt. I love all the texture and color they used. I see "modern" crazy quilts today and they just aren't the same. They're too organized and symmetrical...nothing crazy about them...they don't have that rag-picker flair of the originals.


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