Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Scavenger Hunt

I'm a full blown Scavenger by nature, I LOVE the thrill of the Hunt... and I've been known to go through great lengths to discover Hidden Treasures in obscure places.  I'm not too proud that I would pass up curbside Treasure and I'll wade through piles of junk at Tag Sales, Thrift Stores, Estate Sales, Flea Markets, tiny Shops and the like to uncover Junque Gold!  The difference between junk and Junque is all a matter of perspective of coarse, as one man's trash can be another man's Treasure.  It's a rush for me and I enjoy the challenge of having "The Scavenger Hunt".  I almost never come up empty handed... even though some days I'm not buying, I still enjoy the Hunting aspect of it and the Discovery.  Often the exhileration is just from looking at something that catches my eye or my fancy... I don't have to necessarily have it to enjoy it and be thrilled by it.   Case in point is Hats... I love Vintage Hats, but I'm not a Hat Person, only because I don't carry it off so well as the avid Hat Person does... though I wish I could.  I'll plop a cool Hat on my head just to make sure it doesn't look amazing on me... alas, usually it does NOT! *smiles*  My Bohemian Mom is a Hat person, she can look fabulous in ANY Hat and wear it with complete confidence and style... like a Carmen Miranda *LOVED her Style*... some folks just have that flair and will not look ridiculous in even the most theatrical of Hats!  I'll let you in on a 'lil Secret, if you promise not to tell anyone *shush, wink*... I'd LOVE to look amazing in Men's Hats... especially Fedoras... a Raquel Welch can look amazing in one... but then a Raquel Welch can look amazing in
 ANYTHING! *Smiles*

*Images of Raquel and Carmen cribbed from Bing Images*

So you might be wondering... what DID I come away with on the Scavenger Hunt on the day of the above photos?  The Belgian Velvets *naturally*... the cute 'lil European Metallic fabric Bohemian style Bag... and the amazing ornate Antique Brass Doorknob... and ALL for under $35!  Yes... having that Scavenger Gene has been a Blessing in disguise... because those of us who enjoy the process of Scavenging... well, we find some pretty good stuff don't we... even those of us who didn't get the "Looks Good in Hats" Gene!  *wink*  ... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Good grief!!! What FANTASTIC finds!!! You're going to have so much fun with your loot!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  2. You find the most amazing treasures, I'm sure a trip with you would be a blast. We could get into all kinds of trouble!!
    And I'm not a hat person either, I look like a clown in most, te he! Have a wonderful week,


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