Sunday, November 7, 2010

Queen Of Rose Paintings... And Paris Envy

In my humble opinion the reigning Queen of Rose Paintings would have to be Artist Christie Repasy... if I ever try my hand at painting and decide to paint florals, Roses in particular, Christie is definitely who I'd want as a Mentor!  Along with my passion for Roses I adore Architectural Salvage and Salvaged Victorian Ceiling Tin... Christie Repasy combines both magnificently.  Her fabulous paintings are exquisitely framed in Salvaged Victorian Ceiling Tin or in  unique Antique Wooden Architectural elements aged to perfection.   Though I have some of her prints, it would be a dream come true to own one of her original oil paintings framed in a beautiful piece of Architectural Salvage.  So imagine how mezmerized I was to walk into a new store for the first time and be greeted by an ENORMOUS Christie Repasy Oil Painting framed in an even more eye popping sized Salvaged Victorian Tin Ceiling Medallion!!!  *I swear the Heaven's parted and I heard Angels singing... I was gobsmacked... Smiles*   Okay so the piece is too massive for any room in this ole House, but if you're gonna dream... dream big I always say! *wink*  I had suspected I would enjoy this place and it's contents since the name had instantly intrigued me and drawn me in... "Paris Envy"  and the upstairs Sister Store "Olive In Paris" ...and neither disappointed... it was a Parisian experience of Heavenly Frenchy decor and styles, all tastefully arranged in fabulous vignettes and color palettes that evoke a French Countryside vision ... the oversized pieces in particular were to die for! *me swooning and weak at the knees*  I was instantly won over and floating through both stores in a French inspired Haze... in a word Magnifique!!!  It was definitely an OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO La La experience and there will be more eye candy pixs to have lustfests over in future posts... No, I'm not teasing... I'm restraining myself and attempting to self edit in the length of my posts and sheer volume of pixs shared in each... key word here is obviously "attempting"! *LOL* As you've probably already guessed, restraint or brevity is not one of my virtues or strengths. *wink*   The Land Of Blog and my Blog is still very new to me and I'm still quite indecisive about the direction I'm going with this all?  As this moves from being the simple personal Journal and way to archive my photography, musings, random ramblings and interests that I initially expected, into so much more.  It is so much more exciting and fulfilling than I ever imagined... and who knew there would even be an audience in this vastness of cyberspace... since I felt but like a drop of water in a vast ocean of the Blogasphere... but I'm a work in progress... and evolving daily, as is my Blog... and I want to thank you for sharing the ride and snippets of my Journey through Life... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn, thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi and leave me such a sweet comment! It's so good to see one of my originals in a special store, I loose track of them after they sell, this one sold about 10 years ago to a woman in Arizona right after I got featured in Romantic Homes magazine for the first time. Thanks for posting on it! By the way your blog is lovely, Christie

  2. Christie is a wonderful Artist and person! It's great to see her work in shop's! Next's it will be in gallery's all across the states. We have yet to own one of her works, but I'm sure it won't be long. Thanks for sharing! Julian & Ray

  3. Hi Dawn, beautiful post! Thanks so much for sharing. I too love Christie's work, her stuff is amazing! She truly is the queen of rose oils! Have a great week! kathee


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