Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An Extension Of A Not Too Shabby Day

As we continue my excessive photo taking tour of 'Not Too Shabby' we come to some Christmas inspiration.  Along with Wintery Velvet Bolero Shrugs that really suit the taste of Bohemian Gals such as myself ... even though temps are still hovering in the 90 degree range the prospect of cooler nights entice me to consider such ensembles which would blend perfectly with my existing wardrobe.   And even though I rarely buy Black decor, I must say that some of the darker pieces and vignettes could make a convert of me!  I'm seeing a lot of Black and White color schemes being the hottest items in Vintage collectibles and Antiquities, I admit, they do have a certain appeal... even to a Gal more inclined to be drawn to a Sepia or Bohemian Color palette *ie: ME*.  I can appreciate it and admire it, even if I doubt I would scrap my personal preference and do a 180 in that direction... a few darker pieces COULD lure me in to acquisition mode.   After all, growing up my Bohemian Mom was really into luxurious Black and Red furnishing as her Boudoir color scheme and I remember thinking it looked very oppulent, exotic and sexy.  She had Ebony furniture from France and thick Red Drapes with Black Fleur de Lis pattern puddled to the floor, matching Duvet and Shams...  Satin Linens... Algerian Tapestries... magnificent Antique Religious Art... and ALWAYS lots of European cut Lead Crystal that refracted light like a Disco Rainbow!  I really wish I'd photographed that room for future inspiration... alas, my Parents really weren't into photography like my Brother and I are.  My younger Brother is a retired professional Photographer and worked many years in Hollywood... I only wish I possessed a quarter of the talent at photographing subjects as he has... I'd be wheels off at photographing everything in sight! *LOL*  Okay... so I admit, I'm already wheels off at photographing everything in sight even though I'm an amateur *smiles*... but if I were a professional Photographer you'd be buried in photos of a much higher calibre!   And the avalanche of eye candy from "Not Too Shabby" will continue in tomorrow's Post... Dawn... The Bohemian  

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  1. I am getting in the mood for christmas with those georgeous pictures of you ;)
    Fine evening


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