Monday, October 11, 2010

A Step Back In Time At MacAlpines

An old fashioned Soda Fountain Shoppe is a nostalgic step back in time for me and "MacAlpine's" in Phoenix is such a place, established in 1928 it takes me back to an era even before my Parent's time and that is way cool!!!  It's nice to be able to take my Grandchildren to a place for an old fashioned made Milkshake, Egg Cream or Malt and a home cooked style meal that is reminiscent of my own childhood spent at the Soda Fountains in places like Rexall's and Woolworth's back in the day. Those places are fast disappearing in our modern World, but a few have withstood the test of time and transport us back to yesteryear.  "MacAlpine's" has vintage built-in pew-style wooden booths, mirrors, lighting and paneling from the 1920's era, complete with built in coat racks and individual Jukeboxes on each table, which the Grandkids think is radical. *smiles*  Old Ice-Cream Parlour Chairs and Tables, loads of cool vintage Signage and collectible Memorabilia are displayed everywhere... and there's even a Retro Clothing Shop and Antique Store if you want to score some Treasures after enjoying a tasty meal and the incredible Milkshakes.  After all, you've got to do something physical after consuming that many calories, right... is Shopping considered exercise I wonder?! *wink*  Just look at that charming French style chair and writing desk, Italian Tole Chandelier and row of Motel Chairs for a peek at just some of the cool stuff offered for sale.  I'm Blessed that my Grandkids would rather hang out with Gramma doing the Junquing and Nostalgia Circuit than go somewhere modern... and as my Grandson said during this visit... he hopes that SOME of his generation feel the same way he does about "old stuff" and "cool old places" like this... because he would be sad if they all closed down and were forever lost for future generations to experience and enjoy those parts of History... me too... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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  1. Yummy! I sure could go for that sundae right now as it has been so hot this week in San Francisco! It's time for our "Indian Summer", and it always comes in October! :)
    Dawn...thank you for the comments you always leave on my blog! They really do mean alot!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!



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