Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grave Concerns

My Son and The Man begin to have grave concerns when I start lighting all the candles around this ole' House, especially during the Holidays when I go into a candle decor frenzy and have access to matches.   Did I mention I'm a wee bit pyro? *Manic Laughter*  I adore candles... and candelabras... and the flickering glow of a fire.   As it nears Halloween I like the ambiance of living in a Century old Home lit by candlelight, it's delightfully spooky and surreal.   Last night I had them all ablaze after the Grandkids and The Man retired for the Night... my Son walks in, talking on his cellphone as usual... and tells the person on the other end that his Mom is on the verge of setting the whole house on fire and the heat generated by the numerous candles makes it unnecessary to ever have to turn on the central heating, even on a chilly evening. Obviously I have issues. *Smiles*  Mom, he says looking around in complete bewilderment and total resignation, why do you need SO MANY candles burning??!   He's got that concerned look in his eyes, like he's thinking about how much all my Therapy will cost him in the future... *LOL*  But honestly peeps, do I need a valid reason?  Is there EVEN a valid reason to justify lighting dozens of candles on a balmy Arizona Autumn evening when air conditioning is still necessary most days?  Nope... though it defies all logic... it just pleases me... end of story.

You see, I like to curl up there in that delightfully spooky atmosphere, surrounded by my Holiday vignettes and piles of  Ornamental Gourds and Pumpkins... silhouetted by the flicker of dozens of candles in my collection of candleholders and candelabras, watching the Classic Horror Movies, Ghost Hunter Marathons and fab new Auction House Reality Shows (Gallery 63 Auction Kings... and Hollywood Treasure) or American Pickers Reality Show (I'm loving it... OUR PEOPLE getting their own Shows on TV)... that will be on this entire week.  And I take comfort in knowing I'm doing my part to stimulate the economy and keep all those Candlemaker and Candelabra Makers in business! *wink*... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Cute Halloween decor. I especially like the pumpkins. We never light candles in our old house. ♥olive


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