Friday, October 15, 2010

Girl's Night Out Halloween Party Cottage Garden II


Don't you just love Costume Parties?  I do... granted, I had to make a Note To Self that I'm now obviously on the downhill side of being a Geisha and far past Geisha Prime *wink*... but my BFF and I still decided to go as the Geisha Twins to the Girl's Night Out Halloween Party tonight at "Cottage Garden II" hosted by Carol Migray and Friends.  I wear my vintage Japanese Kimonas around the house all the time and they've comfy as Pajamas... however, the grease paint and wig was a whole other story... I now have a greater respect and appreciation for the Art of the Geisha.  Though it is almost impossible to tell that I drew my inspiration from the amazing real life Geisha images I cribbed off Bing Images *LOL* in order to apply my make-up as realistically as possible... I discovered that doing so successfully is indeed a skilled Art... one I do not possess! *le sigh*   But it is always such fun to play dress up isn't it?  My Grandkids delighted in taking most of our Geisha Twins photos before we left the house... they envision themselves as budding professional photographers perfecting their craft. *smiles*  Carol and Friends put on a splendid spread and delightful party atmosphere that everyone thoroughly enjoyed... showcasing many amazing Artists and their fabulous work... and Katherine Metcalf was there to give Readings, a perfect vibe for the Halloween Season.  It was fun to see the various costumes Guests wore, though most are shy to have their photos taken by a perfect stranger so I'm mindful and respectful of that... you'll have to take my word for it that there were some fun and creative ensembles strolling about tonight.  Yes, the Halloween vibe and Season is always a festive and fun one... where you can allow your imagination to run wild and free to be anything you want to be for a moment in time... and it's just getting started... so come...  join us... you'll be glad you did... Dawn... The Bohemian 

*Real Geisha photos cribbed from Bing Images*

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