Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gals Gone Junquing

My Friend's Mom is visiting from Texas and we're all Junquing enthusiasts so we met up at a designated location and it was to be a fun day of Gals Gone Junquing in Olde Downtown Glendale.   I had immediately 'scored' a fabulous Antique heavily carved Lion Head Chair with Dusty Peach Velvet Brocade upholstery and tiny caster wheels on the legs for only $12.99 at the first Thrift Store, so I was jazzed from the very beginning... it was going to be a good day... I could tell.  We discovered the most amazing selection of Bohemian Bling at a Shop called "Antique Haven" and I must say Proprietors Bill and Deb Hancock have amassed a virtual Treasure Trove of Antique and Vintage Jewelry that dazzles the eye and is Artfully arranged in cases by Color which is visual eye-candy overload and truly makes an impressive impact.  There was a Blue Bling Case... a Green Bling Case... a Black Bling Case... a Pink Bling Case... a Pearl Bling Case... a White Bling Case... a Clear Rhinestone Bling Case... an Amber Bling Case... a Red Bling Case... a Multi-Color Bling Case...  I went into a Bohemian Bling Trance and came away with a gorgeous large Oval Vintage West German Pendant Necklace in a lovely shade of Peridot Green (my Birth Stone), Goldtones and White Seed Pearls.   We tried on Vintage Hats at "Matilda's Closet" and I found an adorable hand-made Vintage Pink Chenille Sachet Pillow filled with heavenly smelling Lavender, wrapped with Satin Polka Dot Ribbon and a large Mother Of Pearl Button at another little Shop.   At another Thrift Store I scored some Dark Velvet with Gold striped and Sheer drapes and colorful embroidered Bohemian Pillow Covers, which will eventually grace my Gypsy Tented Gazebo make-over.  I also found a Swedish decorating book by Ikea called "Beloved Homes".   And finally as I was wrapping up the afternoon I popped in to "Cottage Garden 2"  to see what new Artist's Lovelies Carol had stocked up on... she didn't disappoint, I got this to-die-for Bracelet with a Peacock (with a little Ruby colored Jewel eye), Red Velvet and Golden Crown and other Bohemian Baubles... I adore Peacocks and Crowns... so to score BOTH on ONE piece of Jewelry made me virtually swoon!    There are some other pieces I fell in love with and just had to get at least a photo of... the Crown Cuff Bracelet and the Altered Art Necklace with tiny Porcelain Doll Torso... F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!     Yes, spending time with good Friends, Junquing and on the Hunt for Found Treasures is always one of my favorite ways to spend the day... it makes for a good day... a very good day indeed... Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Love your new chair! I don't think I have ever seen that much jewelry all in one place;) Wow! Looks like you could have spent all day just admiring it - so much fun:) Love the photos.
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Hi Dawn,
    Thanks for the heads up that my link was broken to Marburger. I fixed it just for you girl !(smile)


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