Saturday, October 23, 2010

Doing The Melrose Crawl... Post #1

Third Thursdays are back and The Melrose Crawl... so that's where me and my BFF Tina headed Thursday night... all along 7th Avenue in Phoenix are the most fab vintage Boutiques and places to eat and it's a great place to meet favorite Artists and Designers in person during Third Thursdays and take in as much eye candy as you can possibly behold in one evening!  So, since I took a gazillion pixs and had the thrill of meeting several of my favorite Artists whose designs I adore and whose Blogs I follow... well,  I'll have to do my posts of it in stages... So here we go, get out your smelling salts lest you start swooning... starting with Post #1 at "Paris Montana's" traveling Gypsy Airstream blacktop Jewel Box Boudoir, where amazing vintage eclectic Salvage Art Jewelry takes your breath away... as does her tricked out Airstream... I want one... I want one!!!  Not only is this Artist a creative force of nature if you adore couture Bohemian Bling, but she is also a fun free Spirited sweet person as unique as her Jewelry line.

I also met a "celebrity" that evening of another kind... the Owl who is seen in numerous Commercials, including a Super Bowl commercial and an Orange Juice commercial with Actor Donald Sutherland... what a magnificent creature and obviously used to hamming it up for the camera and quite relaxed about the celeb status... I got a classic pose but was too timid to hold such a powerful animal myself, though the handler was receiving lots of love from the bird and it was a treat to see one so tame, well trained and so close.

That's it for today... Post #2 will provide more eye candy and continue the ongoing saga of Dawn and Tina's adventure crawling Melrose... Dawn... The Bohemian

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