Sunday, October 31, 2010

Do You Know What's The Scariest Part Of Halloween?

No, it's not my Son dressed up as a Rob Zombie Movie Character... it's not Cadavers... not living in an allegedly old Haunted House that some locals fear, especially this time of year... it's not Ghosts or even gruesome hanging latex heads that strikes fear into my Heart... its the thought of overly tired Wee People who are so wired for Halloween that they won't go down for a nap! *Arghhhh, now THAT'S scary my Friends and the only thing that I'm truly AFRAID of!!!*  Yes, despite those Angelic looking faces they can be the true Monsters of Halloween at this ole House and make you want to escape and run for your lives as you feel as though you're hanging from a very short rope of Sanity!  *Smiles*  The excitement, anticipation, stimulation and anxieties of Holidays can often intensify behavioral issues as they go into Too Much Fun Overload and go completely haywire... like a scene from a Horror Movie they can transform from apparently harmless little creatures into something quite vicious and fierce that you barely recognize and strikes fear into the Hearts and Souls of ALL MEN (and MOST Women *wink*) .. and if naps aren't taken and they refuse to go down... we should be scared... VERY scared *LOL*... Dawn... The Bohemian  

No matter what the costume on Halloween, the big scare comes moments post candy consumption! - Author Unknown (But I'm betting they had Kids or Grandkids! LOL)

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