Friday, October 8, 2010

Biomythic Masks

When I'm in the presence of Artistic Genius I just stand in awe... such was the case today at the Biomythic Masks exhibit by amazing Artist Gwynn Popovac at the Desert Botanical Gardens Ottosen Gallery here in Phoenix.   Each mask blended the textures, shapes and hues of natural habitats such as wetlands, deserts and tide pools with human features.  They are three dimensional masks and so intricate that they can take up to three years to make.  The Artist incorporates a variety of man-made and found objects such as plaster, wire, beads, fabric, stones, jewels and natural objects... truly magnificent work and my photos can't begin to do justice to how exquisite each mask is in real life... and the feeling one has when beholding and being in the presence of the work of such an Artistic Genius!  What a Gift, it was delightful to experience such inspirational work and I can't even begin to imagine the patience it must take to work on a single piece for years... but the time devoted, the quality of workmanship and Artistic Talent to create such elaborate Art certainly is something worth waiting for and leaves an awesome Legacy for generations to come...  And could you only imagine what you would feel like to wear one of these awesome Masks for Halloween!!!!!!!!!!??????????  You'd definitely Ace any Costume Contest in town that's for sure!!! *wink* ... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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  1. Beautiful!! What a great show!! and Artist! I truly admire this type of patience!!! ~Thanks for sharing!~~



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