Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All Is Not Lost... But Most Was

Some lessons are learned the hard way and it's... well... HARD.  I had apparently become too confident in my novice Tech skills and this weekend I ran into a technical problem trying to load a Post while the Grandson was visiting relatives and niavely assumed I could rectify it myself without help.  Yep, me, the one who is Tech challenged... in my mind the solution I came up with seemed logical you see.   I have been a prolific novice Blogger and dived into this new World with reckless abandon... which seems to be a pattern with me. *wink*  I had been merrily Posting and loading photos like there was no tomorrow... it was so much fun and I'd neglected to heed my Grandson's early warning... all done in Tech knowhow speak... about limited free Picasa Web Album storage space.

So, when a Post wouldn't load because I'd apparently reached capacity *yes... another pattern that seems to crop up often LOL* I decided that rather than upgrade and incur a cost, it would make sense to just go into Picasa and just delete old photos I'd already used and thus make room for new photos.   Silly Woman, but at the time it SEEMED like a logical solution to a relatively simple problem, right?   I know, all of you Tech savvy peeps are already falling out at my niavette, anticipating the end result revelation I was yet to experience.   So there I am, merrily deleting like a crazy Woman the vast amount of "used" photos and just keeping a few favored ones... 'til I got down to only 15% of allowed capacity... yes FIFTEEN PERCENT opposed to 100% I started out with.  I felt quite smug and pleased with myself... problem solved I thought... UNTIL... I was faced with the reality that all the Picasa Web Album pixs are tied to my Blog... which means they were now lost in cyberspace! *Gasp, wringing of hands and knashing of teeth*  I did a big Scooby Doo "Ruh Rooo" as I gazed at my Blog, the Archived Posts of which now were virtually pictureless with blank boxes... this was not good.

I'm still sitting there staring in utter disbelief at the incredible stupidity of my 'solution', ignorance in this case was certainly not Bliss... I was Heartsick.   I really love my Blog, I've put a lot into developing and cultivating it, I like how it had turned out and I was proud of the accomplishment and personal Journal it has become in these few short months.  All is not lost, but most was... and I was desperate to find a REAL solution to this now much bigger problem I had created!  The Man saw me sitting here lamenting and though he could not undo all of what I had done, he had a way of retreiving all my lost photos at least and putting them somewhere else *whew, thank God for unemptied Recycle Bins* ... running damage control to the Blog, however, would then be up to me and no small feat... however far I wanted to attempt to restore it to it's original Glory.   

And so my Friends this was a lesson learned... a reminder that I know what I know and I don't know what I don't know and to ALWAYS surround myself with people who know more than me about whatever I'm developing and working on.  So be patient my Friends... I'm slowly going through and repairing what I can and editing closely... trying to be more discerning about what to share in photo portions of the Posts...  like these amazing pieces of Altered Art Jewelry, Bags and Clothing from "Sirens And Saints" and "Frilly Frocks"...  which after all, makes all the work worthwhile doesn't it! ... Dawn... The Bohemian 

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  1. I ran out of storage a long time ago and I guess I just refuse to pay for it, so know I'm having to use other picture loading programs, slide or windows live to get my pics on my blog. I have deleted photos, as you did, and noticed that because there seemed to be so much duplication going on, sometimes I deleted the correct one and other times the incorrect one, but you can't fret over it. You just keep going and if I came to the post with a deleted one I just added it back. I too learned this the hard way. Good luck with this.


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