Tuesday, September 14, 2010

White Wednesday... Coming Up

I have to admit that even though I couldn't live without color in my World, White is indeed a favorite of mine and I'm drawn to decor and decorating styles that have a dominant shades of White influence. I've tried to do an all White theme or room because I adore the photos and rooms of those who have accomplished it in their Homes and retail displays and it does inspire me to have some of my space decorated in a similar fashion. The Nordic and Swedish light decorating styles, French Country or Industrial Country styles where White abounds really do appeal to me in a big way. I could definitely lose myself in each room profiled in "Jeanne D'Arc Living" Magazine... and yet, as much as I aspire to replicate that ambiance... color tends to creep into my World... okay, so maybe not creep... it literally saturates it! *wink* I've tried all Sepia tones too... since next to White, that would be another dreamy decorating influence that I'm definitely drawn strongly to. Sepia is like a vision of very aged White to me, it gives that 'old' perfectly aged look and feel to everything that I just gravitate to like a Moth to a flame. I'd be totally comfortable surrounded by Sepia tones predominating a room... and yet... when I've tried to stay true to Sepia... like White... it rarely lasts very long before I introduce something colorful. Can a true Bohemian Spirit stay true to just one color I wonder? Or a limited palette? Perhaps not... we're rather 'colorful' personalities after all *smiles* ... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Hi Dawn ~ I totally agree. White is so peaceful and lends some calmness to my chaotic life, but it doesn't fulfill my needs. I need strong colors and lots of them. Although Heaven forbid a pastel should creep in:) Happy WW!

  2. Hey there! Thanks for your visit! I love your little bits of white! Especially that lamp shade!

  3. Hello Dawn~I'm here from WW, and so glad to have stopped by. I love your blog! So much character in your posts and images. LOVE all the vintage spirit here.

  4. Oh wow! Dawn, you are a girl that I can relate to! I have ALOT of white but alas...colr keeps on creepin in! Love your beautiful blog.
    So nice to meet you


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