Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Unique And The Common

The unique and the common share equal space and billing in our Home... whether the item has collectible value or not has never been a major influence in my decision to acquire it. Whether items had popularity, trends as the next hot thing or were dismissed by others hasn't been why I was drawn to them or decided on a purchase. I like what I like... and sometimes I don't even know why... regardless of the opinions and advice of others I tend to go my own way and do my own thing, which really simplifies things... never bothering about what is "in" or "out". I find that if you surround yourselves with what YOU love and delights YOU... and wear the fashions with confidence that make YOU feel good and beautiful, you will be the happier for it and it will reveal more about your true self. Staying true to self is important I feel, we're all unique individuals and different things excite different people. Just consider the last time you went on a forray with a Family member or Friend and notice what they gravitated to, like an internal magnet... it may or may not have been something you would have considered or even noticed if it wasn't 'your thing'... there are kindred Spirits and there are those whose tastes, desires and point of view are quite different from our own... it doesn't make it 'right' or 'wrong', just different... and that's okay.

It has always been interesting to me the social or perceived 'value' placed on items or Artist's work... whether an antique, vintage item, collectible or something new that is priced a certain way. Things really are only worth what someone is willing to pay for them and the demand, or lack thereof, of the item. Whether an item is common or unique, rare or plentiful, certainly plays a role in some determinations of it's apparent 'worth'. Even Artistic value is subjective really... whether an Artist or Designer, some are more sought after than others or have their heyday, become famous or remain obscure. Obscurity doesn't always indicate lack of gifting or talent... sometimes it does... but I certainly have seen amazing gifting and talent that has gone virtually unnoticed, the starving Artists as you will... who do magnificent work and yet you may have never heard of them and they never had 'their day'. It's all rather relative really... and so for me anyway, I tend to place my own 'value' on what I want... what I'm willing to pay... what I consider a good investment or a bargain... because honestly, what is priceless and valuable to you, is always a good investment IMO. So, surround yourself with that which you love... wear those styles of clothing, jewelry and accessories that speak to your own sensibilities and arouse your particular passion... and celebrate your point of view without apology or inhibition... you were fearfully and wonderfully made by The Creator... and He is the Master of all of His Creation, you included... Dawn... The Bohemian

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