Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Planning Parties For A Princess

Usually I adore Parties... usually. I have always gone all-out for Party Planning, Hosting the Events or attending one. My sweet Grand-Daughter, Princess T, turned five today and the celebrations are scheduled for this weekend. Hers is a World of Fairies, Princesses, Mad Tea Parties, Garden Parties 'just-because', BFF's, Magical wonderment and the Joys of life. So it is fitting for such a Princess to have a Party and celebrations planned, fit for a Princess. She's had her special activities at Pre-School that have had a very Partylike atmosphere and so it has been a very busy and fun filled week surrounding her Special Day... and I could feel my energy levels wavering... we just did the Water Park with her Class and spending her time with BFF's is always a Joy to behold.

So what is the problem you might ask... being you are a Gramma prone to excess and being a big kid at Heart? In a word my Friends... Menopause. *le sigh* At times it drains the energy and emotional fortitude right out of me to a point that working on even that which I love... my Art, planning special activities for my Family and Friends, or even joining in on celebrations... well... I barely have it in me on 'those' days. Sometimes the day will expand into a few days or a week... and I struggle... on all levels. I'm a wee bit panicked that this week has been one of those expanded versions of Menopause Hell. I've prodded and prompted myself to get with the program and do what I must... after all, a Princess was turning five and I was expected to perform my usual Magical Experience in the planning and execution of what would be a very special 5th Birthday Celebration! Family and Friends have been calling... confused that as of yet things were rather spontaneous and unconfirmed... poorly executed in fact so close to the actual 'Event'. My usual Helpers can't understand why I'm so deflated in enthusiasm and lacking in energy... when usually I can rival the Tazmanian Devil in the whirlwind that I create in my wake. I desperately NEED the childlike energy levels and enthusiasm just to keep up and savor these special moments in time now... time goes by so quickly and they grow up so fast.

I did manage to take the Birthday Girl shopping for all of her gifts in quite the shopping Marathon ... this year she felt big enough to choose each herself rather than having them picked out for her... give money she said... I'll spend it. Wow, she sounds like a chip off the old blocks... as this echoes the sentiment of Mommy, Gramma (me) and Great-Nanna! *wink* And spend it she did, in grand style... there were Fairy purchases and Princess purchases and Unicorn purchases and Magical little Creatures of every description! Our Home is now awash in the Magical imaginative wonderment of Childhood... and I'm Hoping... I really am... that the energy of such a Magical atmosphere will recharge the Spirit of this aging Child-at-Heart so that this weekend will indeed be the experience fit for a Princess... Dawn... The Bohemian

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