Monday, September 6, 2010

Mom's Bohemian Treasures Bag

One of the first things I did after I taught myself to make fabric wearable Art in the form of old fashioned Carpet Bags was to make Mom hers. After all, she was much of my inspiration, the one who taught me all about the good stuff... vintage European Fabrics and Trims, Antique Jewelry, Antiques and Collectibles... and most importantly, having a sense of personal style. Her face graces my Label to honor her and she was so proud and encouraging of the first bags I made... she believed in me when others doubted or scoffed at my decision to try my hand at fabric Art and designing bags from my stash of vintage goods. She never doubted I could do it and that whatever Art form I chose I'd do it well, with excellence and all my Heart, even without formal training and minimal knowledge of the how-to's. When someone has that much confidence in your abilities or vision... you cannot fail... it is a priceless gift to believe in someone and encourage them wholeheartedly.

I wanted her bag to be special and we did a consultation of what her vision of it would be... naturally it would be Wedgwood Blue... her favorite color... she has an off the hook collection of Wedgwood and they are her most beloved of collectibles. Even though she's almost 80 I knew she was "all in" and uninhibited about it being very Bohemian and flashy... that has been her sensibility and style from as far back as I can remember... she's a true original when it comes to being Bohemian to the core... Mom has always stood out in a crowd and been her own Woman with a distinctive point of view and flair. She picked out her Brooch from among my collection of Bohemian Bling and as luck would have it I had just received my kilo package of vintage fabrics from Europe and in it was an amazing vintage 1930's Belgian cut Velvet table runner from my Friend George in Belgium in our chosen color... it couldn't have been more perfect! The Blues are more rare to come across and this had been the only one in that hue that he or I had acquired all that year... I knew it had just been waiting to become Mom's bag and arrive at just the right time!

She has carried this bag every single day since the day I presented it to her... she is so proud of it and of me, she's my biggest advocate and best form of advertisement *wink*... and aren't Mom's supposed to be like that... however old you become!!! She was always proud of my accomplishments in the Corporate World... when I was a young Asst. Vice President of a Bank she bragged on me *smiles*, she bragged on me when I switched careers and worked for the District Attorney's Office *smiles*... but I have found that what I make with my hands and my imagination she is MOST proud of... because she believes that is truly my God Given Purpose coming out... what I was meant to do and therefore never needed any training for becoming an Artist... I believe she is right. She is glad that I'm now following a dream to become a full time Artist... in spite of any past accomplishments they pale in comparison to the urge to create you see... the other stuff was a successful way to make a living and I became good at it... but my Heart, my Soul, my Spirit has always been with creating Art... I have lived and breathed it even when I wasn't pursuing it as a profitable endeavor... it is what I'd still do if I never made a cent from it ever. I named my Art Label "Bohemian Treasures By Dawn" but my TRUE Bohemian Treasure is Mom... Dawn... The Bohemian

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