Friday, September 3, 2010

In The Beginning...

My Grandson asked me what were some of the first things that I remember collecting... it got me to thinking upon it. I've actually always been a Collector from as far back as I can remember, I don't remember ever not collecting SOMETHING. I still have a few of my childhood collections like the Antique Marbles and a few bits and bobs that I've carted around all these years. I have some of my Nanna, Dad and Mom's collections too... you see, collecting seems to be in our DNA. *smiles* My Parents collected many beautiful things... Antiques, Crystal, Wedgwood, Native American Jewelry, exotic Tapestries, Asian Art and Bone China being the most visible around the Home I grew up in. Mom has the most amazing collection of novelty earrings, some are almost 70 years old now and her Wedgwood collection is off the hook. Dad's personal collections were the quirky type collectibles... Clocks with miniature scenes that rotated inside like Mermaids, Peacocks and Hula Girls... a China Chimpanzee... Marble statues of characters in Greek Mythology... Silver Art Nouveau pieces... if it was Avant-garde then Dad was drawn to it and he was an amazing Artist and Master Chef himself.
Needless to say as I was growing up many of the items I had a passion for collecting came and went... Trolls... Little Kiddles... Carnival Art... 'Addams Family' collectibles... Hippie era Art, jewelry, clothing and bags *darn... shouldda kept those... wink*... music on 45's records... tiny hand blown Glass Animals... African Trading Beads... Dashiki's... East Indian hand embroidered fabrics... elaborate Incense Burners... Porcelain Cats.

After contemplating the question though I realized that my collecting urges went into overdrive as I neared middle age, that's when I began 'serious' collecting and amassing of what I loved... in part because I now had the resources to better indulge that passion. I also became more serious about being a 'keeper of the past' since I realized that many of the objects I so loved were not being kept or appreciated so much anymore. Many would be lost forever if it were not for those of us who would gather, rescue, reclaim and salvage them for the future generations to enjoy in one form or another.

I came to the conclusion that my first serious purchased collections were of Spiritual and Religious inspired Antiques and Art. The very first I remember investing in being my Pot Metal "Spelter" Altar Set from Belgium. It has the Crucifix as a Centerpiece and two Candlesticks, one being the image of Jesus and the other being the image of the Virgin Mary... I've never seen another set quite like it and it remains one of my favorite acquisitions.

Yes, in the beginning I guess I was a born Collector and there were so many 'firsts' of collecting specific items that I cannot commit them all to memory... and I will very likely be an avid Collector all the rest of my days... it's what I do... and a part of who I am... Dawn... The Bohemian

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