Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Challenging Seasonal Transitions In The Desert

One thing about living in a Desert region that can be challenging is the Seasonal transitions... why? Because here it is always hot... just different degrees of hot... so you don't really get the 'change' of Seasons as drastically as you might in other climates. I love living in a perpetually Summery environment and have been afforded the luxury of traveling extensively so I have experienced and I can always get the full range of 'Seasons' elsewhere if I want or need to. I have an aversion to cold so I'm well suited here and since this is Home Base I am here mostly year round now. And preparing for Seasonal transitions when it's still pretty much identical weather has to be a conscious effort in spite of it not seeming all that different from Summer to Fall... or from Fall to Winter... or from Winter to Spring... or from Spring to Summer! I am presently gearing up for Fall... and setting faux Pumpkins about soon *NOTE: real ones wouldn't last in this heat yet so I save getting those just before Halloween*... repotting plants that have endured the scorching Arizona Summer, like my beautiful Moss Roses that are still flowering abundantly... and getting out the vintage Picnic Baskets in preparation for more Picnics in the Park. I adore the various basket weaves of my old Picnic Baskets, each a work of Art and capable of abundant pretty storage year round. Yes, here things are rather reverse... because come Fall it will finally cool down enough... eventually *smiles*... to spend more time outdoors without wilting. For now the temps are still topping 108 degrees most days so it doesn't seem much like Fall has arrived and it often seems rather silly to be dragging out Autumn decor and colors when it's still so very hot. But I love decorating appropriately for all the Seasons... even if Mother Nature is in a different mode around me here in the Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Hello:) I just love the background of your blog! I have been noticing everyones today for some reason. Your picnic baskets are great. It must be nice to be able to garden all year long. Here we have to be a little more creative with the bushes,trees and grasses we plant so we have something pretty to look at in winter. Soon we will be raking and then shoveling snow. You wouldn't miss that at all;)
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