Thursday, July 15, 2010

Unique Favorite Magazines

*Fab eye candy from 'Jeanne d'Arc Living', photos cribbed from Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine*

I absolutely love reading and have an extensive Library of favorite books and magazines. I have a particular passion for decorating books and magazines. There are the popular and easy to find ones... and then there are those unique favorites that you happen upon and can't find just anywhere and have to seek out.

Three of my favorites are 'Porch' produced by Polly Hood (Editor) of 'Counting Your Blessings' and Tracie Truran (Co-Editor) of 'My Petite Maison'; a French publication *if you don't mind beautiful photos and text in French* 'Campagne'; and a Danish publication *available in Dutch or English* 'The Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine'. The photography and decor in these magazines for those of us who adore vintage living at it's finest, is superb. These are of a quality like softcover books so definitely are 'keepers' for your Library to enjoy over and over again and be continuously inspired by.

What are some of your favorite unique magazine or book finds? What do you enjoy most about them and where do you find them? All three of these that I enjoy are available online if you cannot find them in your local bookstores or favorite boutiques. May your reading continue to inspire and delight you... transporting you to those places you paint on the canvas of your imagination... Dawn ... The Bohemian

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