Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Unexpected Score

'Cottage Garden II' array of 'Pure West' Purses... see, I didn't buy them all... so hurry on over and get yours! *wink*  Above Photos cribbed from COTTAGE GARDEN 2 Blog. 

I had no intention of the unexpected score... but then, do you ever? *wink* I was simply going to the 'Evergreen Center Of Oriental Medicine' in downtown Glendale, AZ to get some relief from a recent back injury... THAT was my intention and my Mission this morning. *smiles*

But, I got there early... and they just happen to be next door to a delightful little shop that I adore called 'The Cottage Garden II' (see their Blog at cottagegarden2.blogspot.com), so I popped in to delight in the eye candy and fabulous treasures I know they always have. They have a wealth of items made by gifted Artists in styles and sensibilities akin to my own, so even when I am not trolling for the next fabulous piece to add to my collections, I delight in seeing the vast array of creative talent displayed under one roof.

They know I make my own funky Bohemian style carpet bags and that I appreciate fabric Art and other Artists that share that particular passion and style. So I was shown some fabulous new bags they just got in from a very gifted Artist called Cheryl Long of 'Pure West'. Suffice to say that Cheryl's bags are to die for and she uses the good stuff in the way of French and Belgian Cut Velvets, lovely fabrics, Tapestries and Silk Looped Fringe to make them with. Though I make my own bags and jewelry I still love to own a piece made by another gifted Artist whose work I admire. My Birthday is coming up next month, but I didn't think she would last 'til August and I HAD to have her... and so I decided to treat myself to an early Birthday present to self... a bag that was calling out to me among the vast array of beautiful bags, all as lovely as the next and yet OOAK... you could want them ALL I tell you! *LOL* It had an exquisite Leather insert of the Virgin Of Guadalupe, upon rich Belgian Velvet and Tapestry on the front... and even more rich Belgian Velvet and matching Silk Brocade on the back... so it satisfied my penchant for Religious Art AND wearable vintage fabric Art... so does it get any better than that my Friends?! Seeing it and now owning it has gotten my own creative juices flowing... that is what Art does for another Artist... INSPIRE!

So, as I sit here with the healing herbal salve patch on my sore back, sipping soothing hot Yerba Mate' Tea and beside the exquisite new bag... I already feel a healing touch upon my body and Spirit. After all, surrounding ourselves with that which we love and are at Peace with in our Homes is good for the body, mind, Soul and Spirit and enhances our body's natural desire and ability to heal when it is under attack from disease or injury. May your Home always be the place where you most feel the Healing Touch, Peace and Joy in your lives... Peace be with you... Dawn... The Bohemian

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