Friday, July 23, 2010

The Treasure Hunter M.O.

So, what's your Treasure Hunter M.O.? Now, don't be coy with me, we ALL have one you know. *wink* I've recently been introspective about mine and how it has evolved over time. I tend to approach a Treasure Hunt rather methodically and in order... no, there's nothing random about my hunting techniques. I'm like a Lioness on the prowl looking to 'score' and pounce on that next fabulous find! I'm not at all worried about others on the prowl either, I can hold my own and no fear, there's plenty of 'game' to go around. *LOL* Chances are we probably aren't looking for the exact same thing anyway... Treasures, like Beauty, are often in the eye of the beholder. Sure, there are those presently popular items, and they'll be evident by their scarcity on the market or their inflated prices... but I tend to blaze my own trail on what I like and want to have... I've always marched by the beat of a different drummer ahead of current fads... or in spite of them. I KNOW the Good Stuff... prior to any hunt I've done enough due diligence that I know most of my Treasures as well as I know my good Friends! I'm a wealth of mostly useless information... unless of coarse you're a fellow Scavenger and Junquer, then we could talk... probably endlessly, about what we love and know about the History of it! *smiles* Remember, I grew up around it, surrounded by it every day of my life and cut my teeth on forrays with my Parents... who were also Junquers extraordinaire who also loved the thrill of the hunt, were World Travelers, Artsy, creating beautiful spaces to inhabit constantly and taught me well! Some of my fondest memories were hunting with Mom and Dad as a pack, not much escaped us I can tell you and we were voracious in our appetites of beautiful things!
When on the Hunt I tend to hit the fabrics and linen area first... because clearly I need another vintage Tablecloth, piece of Antique Lace, Damask or European cut Velvet! *LOL* Then on to the Jewelry section... because if there's a piece of Bohemian elegance waiting to be found... I'm on it! *smiles* There's nary a lovely old Brooch that avoids my scrutiny, no Bohemian Bling can't be salvaged by me, regardless of present condition, I've got rejuvenated Jewel ideas coursing through my viens like a life force... and eyes like a Rat I have!
Even at this Season of life I've got stamina like a Mountain Goat and can easily manage Marathon Treasure Hunts back to back... leaving less seasoned Veterans of the Hunt in my dust! *smiles* If you can't keep up you'll probably be left behind or have to fend for yourself... I'll come back to get ya, but you probably won't slow me down... when I'm on a roll I'd rather set up a rendezvous point of contact... which is more fun anyway... then we can compare booty later and showcase our found Treasures to each other. I tend to Hunt with skilled kindred Spirits anyway and they know what I like and vice versa so we tend to scatter, divide and conquer like a well oiled machine of a covert ops Team! IF on the rare instance I miss it... they won't, they've got my back and I've got theirs. If you're one of my Posse I know your tastes and when I see an Object d'You I'll drag it along to run by you or pick up the phone and alert you. When entering familiar haunts I know where everything is at or would likely be... pretty much to begin with, so there's an orderly traipse up the aisles or different rooms or booths... which may seem random to the untrained eye... but it's not.
I also love People... and it's as much fun and as important to me to get to know you if you're a vendor as it is to get to know your stuff. In spite of the strong urge to find the next Treasure, I will likely take the time first to fellowship and let you tell me your story... I love a good story and Treasures abound with them... and show me your recent 'scores' and celebrate them with you. Yes, unlike retail vendors who generally couldn't care less about what they're selling, those of us with this in our blood have such a love for our stuff and what we do that we enjoy talking about it even if we're passing it along or making a living from it. I've met some of the best People in my Hunts and often formed bonds, you're a great bunch and you 'get' me because you're not unlike me in so many ways.
Art is deeply personal, so that which has been created is a PART of the creator of it... you cannot separate creation from creator... the DNA is in the piece. I love to talk to Artists about their Art, what inspires them, and very likely will end up inspiring me in my creations and perfecting my talents and treasures.
Yes, our Methods Of Operation may vary... and we've each developed ours in a way that serves us best. It's fun and interesting to watch others in action and see their distinct M.O.. If we were to be 'profiled' we'd be sorted into categories... which category is your M.O.? Has it changed much over the years? Or if you're a Novice at this have you partnered with a Seasoned Veteran to be Mentored and groomed in the ways of the Keepers Of The Past? Whatever your style... Happy Hunting my Friend... may you 'score' big and often... Dawn ... The Bohemian

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