Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today's "Score"

First I had to do some "lusting" over a Necklace today, THE Necklace, made of a vintage Compact, as ornate on the back as it is on the front and the chain is fabulous too... I'm loving it... so a strong hint vibe is going out to The Man for my Birthday next month already. *wink*

After the lustfest I went over for my Acupuncture/Massage/Cupping Session at 'Evergreen Center Of Oriental Medicine'... SO relaxing and restful... the back and hips are already feeling the Healing and restorative benefits of my Qi balancing.

Then it was down the street for a short walk in the Historic District of Olde Downtown Glendale since I was pain free and in need of light exercise. Always a treat, I love old neighborhoods and the character of each unique Home... you just don't get that ambiance and character in a sea of identical Tract housing.

That worked up an appetite, so over a couple blocks to one of my fav Vietnamese Restaurants 'Little Saigon' for a pot of hot Jasmine Tea and Rice Flour Crepes. *practically a Spiritual experience I tell you, divine food*

And then the coup de gras, Treasure Hunting in the abundance of little Antique Shops and Thrift Stores that saturate the Olde Downtown area... a Junkers Paradise! My 'Score' was pretty good today, cheap and satisfying... a set of six small Hobnail Milk Glass Juice Glasses and matching Sugar Holder... well, it was probably once a Butter Dish... but I'm repurposing it to hold Sweetener packages. A 1970 Armstrong Insulator... I love to repurpose those things as tea light holders and get a variety of colors... this one was Clear. A couple of Bohemian Art Large Rubber Stamps in Mandala Shapes. A Book on 'Crazy Quilting' by J. Marsha Michler... don't you just love the Victorian style Crazy Quilts, so visually stimulating and creative, such amazing details in the stitching and lush fabrics! A cute pot of faux Silk Miniature Roses. And last but not least, an amazing array of brand new *expensive price tags still on totalling over $45* of Silk Flowers (not pictured) that I got as a box lot for $4.99... Pale Blue Hydrangeas, Lavender bunches, pale Pink and Violet Hollyhocks, and deep Blue Cornflowers... perfect for displaying in one of my old enamel French Body Pitchers.

So, eye candy satisfied, back and hips healing, exericised, well fed and then 'Scoring' on my Junquing forray... yep, I'd say it was a pretty good day my Friends... here's hoping your day is just as satisfying... Dawn ... The Bohemian

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