Monday, July 5, 2010

Favorite Haunts

"SAGE" - Phoenix, Proprietor Kendra Vermeer

There are those certain shops and markets that are my very favorite haunts and I just love being there even if I'm just looking around and come home empty handed. Have you ever found a shop that is just so "you" in the way they have their product displayed and picked that you could just move in and make yourself completely at home? For me it is "Sage" in downtown Phoenix, a delightful dilapidated French Country Junque and yet opulent style of faded elegance. My home could look like the displays, ambiance and particular style there and I'd feel totally comfortable and revel in the atmosphere it creates. I've bought some of my favorite antique and vintage French pieces there, especially the chandeliers... one can never have too many chandeliers! *wink* Original French Bistro chairs, the wood worn to perfection and still ever so comfortable... and some of my favorite pieces of Bohemian Salvage style jewelry! They've been kind enough to allow me to take a few photos of their displays, which I've shared above, so that I could attempt to recreate that ambiance somewhat in our home... as inspiration for that "ideal look". I'm not sure I will ever narrow down my collections to just one genre enough to acquire a "certain" look though, however much I adore it... there's just SO many I can and do appreciate and love, that our home tends to be more an eclectic conglomeration of styles... Gypsy Kitsch. I do lean towards some styles more than others, but I'm not such a purist that I manage to have it ALL looking a distinctive style or theme that you could put your finger on or describe.
I have so many ideas in my head that being decisive about which to implement and focus on feels like one of those design challenges on Reality TV! I'd have to own several properties and houses to express myself fully and decorate with complete abandon in the specific styles and themes per location that I adore! *LOL* I've done the individual themed room thing where one style of decorating or color can take center stage in a part of the home... but only for a time... often the flow from one room to the other doesn't gel and other styles start slowly creeping in because my restraint in keeping it pure wavers. I've always loved the shades of White look, but I'm just too attached to and drawn to color to pass up something beautiful that isn't a shade of White! Not to mention we still have wee people and pets in our home and I'm more of a laid back housekeeper... hence the dusty look of many of my photos! *wink* So it wouldn't stay shades of White for long I'm afraid. There are times I could definitely use the services of a professional organizer and maid service to keep it all pristine, organized and tidy... after all, beautiful clutter is a lot more work than beautiful minimalism. Especially if you don't live alone where you are often running damage control behind the Family and pets to keep your vision of a personal Bohemian Valhalla in order!!! I've had Friends suggest that I should have our home showcased in one of those specialty decorating magazines, but I don't know that I could get even one room photo-shoot ready while we're still LIVING here?! *wink* The homes featured in those publications always look so tidy, so perfect, so CLEAN... I'd have to hire a hoard of Merry Maids to spend a week here to accomplish that level of clean! Our home tends to be clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy..., so even though we have a ton of interesting and beautiful things displayed, its not exactly a spread from any of my fav publications geared towards the things I love. I'd be apologizing for the mess while trying to get the Photographer a photo op that could actually be published! *LOL*
I do admire those featured homes in publications and blogs that look dreamy, inviting, and give me so many great ideas. I've got so many Inspiration Books filled with photos gleaned from years of perusing them and keeping my favorite visuals that I have an extensive Library of inspiration now! Did I mention that I ALSO collect decorating books... why of coarse I do, why wouldn't I? *smiles* I may not have every one published, but in the decorating genres that I adore I've come pretty darn close I think... Barnes & Nobles, Borders and Waldenbooks Home Decor sections can barely hold a candle to my decorating book Library! One room of this ole' house is designated as the Library and Reading Room and it's about at capacity. Nothing can transport you to so many places via the imagination than books, so can one really have too many of them either..., especially those with pictures to enjoy again and again? When I want or need to "get away" alol I need is to curl up with a good book, a cup of Tea and some soothing beautiful Music and I'm instantly transported to whatever magical destination I choose to go! May your journeys be memorable, either those you actually go on, or those you merely go to painted on the canvas of your imagination. Safe journeys always... Dawn... The Bohemian

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