Thursday, July 29, 2010

Saris and Sarsaparilla

I love East Indian Saris and the fabulous materials they're made of... to me they are some of the most exotic, elegant and flattering Women's fashions ever designed. Coupled with the beautiful Art form of Mendhi and East Indian Bling and Bangles I find it to be truly mezmerizing and captivating... as well as fun to wear and cool in hot climates, which is definitely a plus here in the scorching Arizona Desert. *photos of the beautiful Mendhi cribbed from Bing Images* How can you NOT feel beautiful when wearing such silky, flowing and lushly embroidered and elaborately silk screened fabrics, striking Bling and Body Art? Whenever I find a gorgeous Sari on one of my Treasure hunting forrays I snap it up, regardless of the size. If it fits, I'll wear it, if not I'll let one of my dressmaking forms wear it as a backdrop to my Art... or just hang it as a piece of Art. Or utilize just the Scarves of each set to wear in a variety of ways. I've got a Belly Dancing and Body Art kit that are a lot of fun too *wink*... I wonder... is there any Man that doesn't find that sexy and a fantasy come alive? *LOL* Now, I'm not saying I'm adept at performing the Dance Of The Seven Veils *wink*, but I'd sure like to be!!! And what a good workout... who says working out can't also be fun?! *smiles* Yes, I love Saris as much as I do my Gypsy Skirts and Magnolia Pearl Bloomers.

I love my Sarsaparilla too... it reminds me of the Old West... when Cowboys sidled up to the Bar and asked for one. As a child I rememeber thinking just the name Sarsaparilla sounded like something I'd want to try... who knew it was such a delightful Root Beer tasting beverage and not some forbidden fruit I'd have to wait to embibe?! *smiles* It's not easy to come across so when I can get some I have a virtual Sarsaparilla-fest... and the bottles are so nice I keep a few to use as rustic vases for sprigs of fresh flowering Herbs like Basils and Mints or a few Meadow Wildflowers or Daisies.

A taste of the exotic and experiencing other cultures in various ways is a delight to me, one that I try to incorporate daily into my life experience and to expose my Children and Grandchildren to also. You never really know what you will come to embrace and adopt until you try it... so try something out of the ordinary today, something exotic and cultural beyond that which you have already enjoyed up to this point in your life... you'll be glad you did... it will broaden your horizons and expand your life experiences... and come back and tell me what you think and share your story... because living it and being able to tell about it is even better than reading about it... Dawn ... The Bohemian

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  1. Hi Dawn,
    I love your belly dancing post. I would like to try it. I guarantee my husband would like it but I don't know where to find a class. I guess I could look as they have "everything" here and I need the exercise. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. It is so appreciated when I get the occasional comment!
    Au Revoir,


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