Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rosaries, Religious Art And Rust

I had been collecting antique Rosaries and Religious Art for a long time before I began making any as an Art form of my own design. I have always been fascinated by Artists interpretation of the Spiritual and honoring God in the form of their Artistic expression. That which is Holy and reverential trascends the Art form and embodies the Spirituality of those who felt led to create it and give a visual expression of that which is unseen and usually just felt in the Spirit and of the Heart and Soul.
I began making my own Rosaries to give as gifts to Catholic Friends when they couldn't find quality made ones commercially. I love beads and beading, my Native American relatives have always beaded and so that Art form came easily to me, effortlessly in fact, as if my hands knew what to do without any formal training. The variety of interesting beads and semi-precious stone beads and Sterling Crucifixes made beautiful Rosaries. Soon, even Friends who were not Catholic began asking for my Rosaries because they appreciated the beauty of them even if they did not know the symbolism behind them and how to pray The Rosary. I also began to gather up those damaged vintage Rosaries and lovingly restore and repair them. I made Rosaries for myself and for each child born into the Family, I love to display them, along with my vast collection of Religious Art and Religious Antiquities all over the Home. To me it gives a room a Peace and a serenity that I thoroughly enjoy. God is present everywhere, but to have images that honor Him and the Holy Family is comforting to me and makes me smile and remember to appreciate all that He has done for us every day and take the time daily to express that and develop relationship with Him.
Rust has also been something I'm fascinated by, rusted items don't repel me and I don't try to refinish items that are rusted to perfection. I like the look of rust, the patina it creates as it corrodes aged objects and gives them character. I like when rust peeks through the paint of objects, mottled and texturing the items in a random way that is as unique as snowflake patterns... no two rust formations being the same. If an item is cherished I am careful not to allow the rust to totally destroy it, however, I don't want it in pristine condition either. When on our scavenging forrays we look for such rusted time worn treasures that have been discarded, forgotten, overlooked... some items are still functional, others just interesting, and though they may have had a long ago purpose, I may not even know what that might have been and can only imagine what they were made to do?! We have Garden Art of these found rusted treasures sprinkled about our property and each year they become even more detailed by the elements and time... their beauty ever evolving.
And that is why I enjoy Rosaries, Religious Art and Rust... because I am ever evolving too, Spiritually, physically, intellectually and emotionally... I would like to think I'm being perfected and getting better all of the time. On this journey of life we are ever evolving and changing, very little ever stays exactly the same and the metamorphis process is as interesting as my collections are to me. May you embrace your changes and enjoy the journey of life in the process... after all, growing old is a privilege not afforded to many and change can be good. In Spirit and in truth... Dawn... the Bohemian

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