Saturday, July 17, 2010

How Mucha Might Have Painted Us...

'Four Seasons' by Alphonse Mucha

Me as Mucha might have painted me?

One of our Grand-Daughters as Mucha might have painted her?

              One of our Daughters as Mucha might have painted her?

One of my favorite Art Nouveau style Artists would have to be Alphonse Mucha. I love all of his Art and the particular style he used. So it was with much delight when a Friend once told me about a site where you could import photos of yourself and Family and have them digitally transformed into what a painting by a famous Artist might look like... Mucha among them!!!

Here is a sampling of some of my favorite images it came up with of myself, one of our Grand-Daughters and our youngest Daughter as Mucha might have painted us. To be sure not every photo I used of everyone came out well, some looked rather alien or cartoonish... but these were just so beautiful and not distorted that I loved how they turned out and kept them.

I wish I could tell you I remember the site, but it was some time ago and we've changed computers since then so the 'favorite site' was forever lost I'm afraid in the transition from one computer system to the next. But thankfully the images were preserved in my photobucket account so that I could share them once again. For those who truly love Art and great Artists, seeing even a beautifully digitally enhanced fantasy image can be appreciated. Seeing oneself and those you love transformed into what might have been the Artistic expression of a great Artist, especially one who is no longer with us on this side of time and eternity, was magical and very special.

For those of us who love Art, and love to create Art, may you always be inspired by something, someone, or some place... and may your dreams and vision become your reality... Dawn... The Bohemian

*All morphed Photo Art done via the Web some years ago... if I can remember the site I'll share it sometime, it was a lot of fun... you plugged in your photo and it morphed it in different ways... as famous Artists might have painted it, or as a characature like how you'd look as a Neanderthal.* 

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