Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lusting After Lost Treasures

Archangel Cuffs by "Gypsy Moon"

Do you ever lust after lost Treasures? Those items you missed out on and discovered too late, when they were no longer in production? *le sigh* There's an amazing Designer 'Gypsy Moon' and I love their Jewelry and Clothing line. Alas, after each Season it appears that previous designs are no longer available or in production and thus far I've been unable to find them in any Treasure Hunt for Treasures passed along. *sobbing and pouting* It appears that nobody is parting with their 'Gypsy Moon' items and replacing them with the current designs... as is often the case with popular Designers. And so I must continue to "lust after" the items I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to have but cannot obtain, in photos... such as the Archangel Collection of Cuffs, which are to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One with a Crown, the other with a Crucifix Cross... so Bohemian, so VERY ME!!! Aren't they dreamy??? *me swooning*
Now to be sure I'm the kinda gal who believes necessity is the Mother Of Invention... and past lustfests have found me teaching myself to make similar items that I just cannot have, for one reason or another, be it discontinued, out of my budget range, out of production, unavailable, hard to find, OOAK... I'm a resourceful Bohemian Diva... and if I want something badly enough I will find a way to get it... or at least something like it! *wink* Whether I make it myself, find another creative talent who can and does make something similar... scour the marketplace and cyberspace hoping to get a gently used version being passed along after being enjoyed by the original owner. But Cuffs... well, I wouldn't have a clue how to make them... and find few Artists making the styles I adore or are similar to this particular line. I've BEGGED the Designers to reconsider making these available again someday... probably now dubbed the crazy Cuffs lady... *LOL*... I still hold out Hope! *smiles*
So, if there's anyone out there that knows how to get me a pair... *wink* I know, I know... you'd probably want to keep them for yourselves... I don't blame you... I'm getting a little too old to size you up, knock you down to get to them first or fight you for them *LOL* until then, consider me Archangel 'cuffless'... Dawn... The Bohemian

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