Monday, July 19, 2010

La Toilette

Sometimes the smallest of rooms in the house can be the most fun to redecorate because you can make a big impact with less effort in a smaller space. I can't tell you how many times we have altered the smallest rooms of this ole' house... La Toilettes. They are cubbies of a space, after all, this was the Wild, Wild West back in the day when this property was Homestead at the turn of the Century... and indoor Toilettes... well, they came much, much later out in the wilderness settlements. So, they were tucked in where ever space could be made when the Outhouses were no more and they brought Le Toilettes into the old place. *LOL*

Yes, our restroom areas are quite small, and quite interesting... sporting Saloon Style doors on the shower stalls and small porcelain sinks that still have the separate Hot and Cold water taps... where you can get one or the other... but not both or anything inbetween. *smiles* Sure, when we remodeled we could have upgraded to more modern amenities, but I'm rather a purist when it comes to old stuff... why bother to buy old if you just want to make it look new again? We did eventually have to replace the lovely old faucets with reproduction look-alikes in the interest of water conservation... this is after all, a Desert and water is a precious commodity... so leaky old faucets just seemed wasteful. And one thing us Salvaging, repurposing Junque Gypsy types aren't is wasteful. *wink* I kept the originals of coarse... and repurposed some of them into something useful and interesting and the rest await the creative inspiration that will transform them into whatever they will eventually become.

Don't expect a spread from 'Better Homes And Gardens' though in THIS ole' House, even after my best efforts, keeping even the smallest of rooms in order and immaculate is still a challenge with a house full of people and the laid back approach I tend to take to housekeeping... *wink* So, though they may have been redecorated several times, they're definitely 'lived in' and that is quite evident, even in thumbnail images... *LOL* So... for those of you fearful of Blogging and sharing YOUR space, because all the decorating and Art Blogs you've seen thus far look too good to be true... welcome... may this blaze a trail you may choose to follow and step out among those of us who love our Homes and are passionate collectors filling them with what we love, but don't quite manage to get them looking like that picture perfect decor you lust after in the magazines and Blogs of the more pristine spaces. I had the same trepadations at first... should I... would this mean I'd have to get everything perfect and just so for a photo op? *Gasp* NOPE! No judgment here... beauty to me can be found even among the dilapidated, the forelorn, the rusted, the imperfect, the crooked, the old and used up, with dust settled upon it, household members lovingly using it daily, perhaps with a ding here and a tiny little handprint there, overgrown gardens and unmade rumpled yet inviting beds... that's what makes a House a Home and gives character to a space... so celebrate your Home in whatever condition it may be in... on the good days and the bad days.

Now I've rambled... back to La Toilette *smiles*... I had found some fabulous matching ornate brass antique bathroom fixtures rescued from an old Mansion and shaped like Mythical Sea Creatures that I intended to use... but alas, the Plumber could not oblige and they just didn't fit properly... so they too await some other purpose to showcase their beauty properly again. Well, that's if I can locate them.... there are times I put things away so well that it's nothing short of a Treasure Hunt again to find where I 'safely' put them! *Smiles* If I do run across them sometime in the near future, I shall be sure to photograph them and give you a peek. Humnnnnn, now I'm perpelexed about... where DID I put those fixtures??!?! May be a fun project to get the Grandkids involved in, help Gramma find the antique brass bathroom fixtures... *LOL* They gotta be hidden away safely somewhere! Well I did find one piece, the matching light sconce, so you can get some idea...

What small space have you transformed? We can be bolder in those cozier spaces, with our decor, our colors, our wildest ideas... often the small space can make a bold statement that is not quite as overwhelming as a larger space might... so we can play with it, experiment with a novel or riskier vision with reckless abandon and without timidity. After all... if it doesn't quite turn out... the expense and investment is far less... and we can do-over... again... and again... and how much fun is that!!!?!? *wink* Dawn... The Bohemian

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