Monday, July 26, 2010

Inspirations In White... Living In Color

A curious thing about me is that I can have a magnetic pull towards something that I shall probably never actually live out... take a look at most of my favorite international sites and you'll see what I mean... Some of the most inspiring and beautiful Blogs and styles of decorating that I drool over and absolutely take my breath away, are done almost entirely in shades of White. I particularly enjoy the Scandanavian style of decorating in White, with Religious Art and lovely live plants and flowers... so meticulously edited and serene, so clean and fresh, Peaceful and inviting. I adore it... so you would think that gravitating to it so strongly would inspire me to try to live in a monochromatic color scheme... after all, I LOVE White, it is one of my favorite colors. But therein is the key to why it has been impossible for me to emulate that adored style of living... it is ONE OF my favorite colors. *Smiles*

Though I am very often inspired by White and it soothes my Soul and refreshes my Spirit... I am living in Color. When I look at the rich colors of my lush and colorful vintage fabrics, I could not imagine living WITHOUT them and that very distinctive Bohemian style that tends to be how I LIVE, rather than how I DREAM OF LIVING. *Wink* See, for me, overload of colorful exquisite fabrics, Kasbah inspired carpets and Tapestries, and beautiful clutter just feels more like Home... MY Home. Saturation of Color and layering of beauty is at the core of a Gypsy Soul, it would be foreign to me to live another way. And so though I can look at a picture of those serene landscapes and rooms that I feel as though I could just easily make myself at Home in or sit and visit for practically an eternity without tiring of the view... and imagine that if I had a Vacation Home I would very likely emulate that atmosphere to retreat to a few times a year... I will probably always end up living in and with all my color. I would be hard pressed to decide which colors to edit out or give up... they would come creeping back in to reclaim their rightful place in my Home eventually... I know it... it's happened before! *LOL* Though I do have a beautiful collection of found Treasures and vintage Lace in White, they share their space with the found Treasures and fabrics of Color.

So, I will be content to stop by and visit my European and Scandanavian Friends in Blog Land as often as I need to... to revel in that delightful atmosphere they have created in their Homes and I have a lustfest over. I shall continue to subscribe to the international magazines that showcase that beautiful style that I love and yet can't seem to pull together (yet) anywhere in my own Bohemian Valhalla and await each new issue with anticipation... having inspirations in White... while living in Color... Dawn... The Bohemian

*Beautiful Mendhi Image Cribbed from Bing Images*


  1. Thanks a lot for your lovely comment! You have a wonderful blog! I really enjoy it here and will come back :-) Hugs Yvonne

  2. Hello there......I see that you are a fellow AZ blogger. Thanks so much for stopping by to my little site.

    You and I have MUCH IN COMMON. I'M ANXIOUS TO GET TO KNOW YOU A LITTLE BETTER......but don't seem to be able to find a spot to follow you.
    Perhaps you could stop back by and let me know how I might do that.




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