Monday, July 5, 2010

Heaven Scents

Nag Champa and Forgotten Sage... I'm fairly certain those scents will be among those in Heaven, beacause they sure take me there anytime I get a whiff of them! Those are the aromas I like wafting through our home, so I have usually got reed diffusers spread about, incense or a candle burning of those particular favorites almost all of the time. I've had some Friends tell me that when they smell these scents they think of me and my home, I couldn't get a more complimentary comment, when a beautifully intoxicating aroma reminds people of you or of the smells reminiscent of your home. Who doesn't want to smell divine and have their home smell so good. Votivo's 'Forgotten Sage', Gold Canyon's 'Be Peaceful Fir Champa' ... the entire line of Nag Champa Spa Collection of products... a line so sublimely fragrant that I want it ALL! *smiles* Song Of India's Temple Incense not only smells Heavenly, but the packaging is almost too beautiful to discard. Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Agarbatti is delightful to burn and to tuck boxes of into drawers and closets.
I also love dried Lavender and sachets of it abound in our home, along with floral displays and wreaths of it... lotions of it, soaps of it and plants of it growing in the Herb Garden beside the Thai Basil, Rosemary and Mints... all deliciously fragrant! I'd love to plant a sea of Lavender if I could get it to survive and thrive like it does in France... could you just imagine walking outside each day and experiencing the intoxicating scent and visuals of acres of Lavender surrounding you!? That hasn't been a possibility, but I have been able to plant a variety of Citrus Trees, Sweet Almond Bush and Herbs in our Gardens that have thrived and when in bloom create scents equally intoxicating and Heaven sent! I'm big on scents, I couldn't imagine my life without beautiful smells being a part of it every day. I'm a very sensory type of gal. Delighting the eyes and nose with what looks and smells beautiful... delighting the skin with the touch of a vintage velvet, silk or lotion... delighting the ear with the sounds of Nature, beautiful soothing Music or laughter... delighting the Spirit with what sooths and ministers to you... delighting the taste buds with fresh foods, fragrant Teas, a favorite Wine or robust Gourmet Coffees. Its all vital to me and so no part of these experiences is absent from my day and I'll pack as much sensory pleasure into my home as I do the found treasures. I'd display bouquets of fresh flowers all over the house every day if I had the means and they did well. Alas, that has had to be reserved more for special occasions and indulgences. The Arizona Desert isn't kind to flowers and is harsh, the native plants have fabulous brief displays, but not the type boquets are made of! *smiles* Cacti have some of the most vivid and over the top flowers God created, but when was the last time you saw a cut Cactus flower bouquet? *LOL* The desert wildflowers are amazing, but very fragile and don't do well indoors... so I prefer to enjoy them seasonally in my Gardens for the brief periods they show out, growing where God plants them, a different place each time and never quite knowing what you'll get each Season. Thank goodness for the invention of lifelike looking silk plants and flowers to compensate at times for what I can't always get in the way of the real deal. I'll spend the extra to buy the best quality available... no tacky cheap fakes for me! *wink* There are some made now that even feel real, I'm suitably impressed... and naturally, if I can find these among my conquests in my never ending search for found treasures... all the better!
Is there a trademark scent(s) that you call your own? Or that people relate to you when they smell it? Or the essence of it reminds you of something or someone? Have you ever wondered why certain scents appeal to you specifically? I can't smell the delightful aroma of baking bread without thinking of my Dad, a Master Chef whose home always had Heavenly aromas of something delicious wafting through it. The scent of Fresh Linen reminds me of my Mom, she and her home have always smelled so fresh, so crisp, so clean and comforting... like slipping between freshly laundered sheets. Our senses often connect us to memories locked deep in our psyches, may those sensory pleasures always bring to you those memories you cherish and hold most dear to your Hearts... A big fragrant Nag Champa hug... Dawn... The Bohemian

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